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Blight X™

AKA Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract

Main Purpose:

Skin protector and anti-ageing


Effective Skin Shield

Shield skin from blue light which is one of the main contributors to digital pollution by forming a film on skin

Preserve Youthful Looking Skin

Promotes regeneration and smoother surfaces by stimulating the production of type I & IV collagen and elastin – all integral components in preserving youthful-looking complexion

All you need to know

What does it contain:

It is a unique marine active ingredient containing high amounts of proteins and exopolysaccharides (EPS)

Where is it from:

Biotechnologically derived from the depths of the Antarctic Ocean through fermentation of a cold-water marine bacteria

Who is it good for:

Suitable for all skin types especially those with dry skin and large pores

What is bad with Blight X™?

It is safe to use with other ingredients as it does not interact with any of them