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Tranexamic Acid

Main Purpose:

Fade dark spots caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun damage, melasma and acne scars


Fades Dark Spots And Brightens

Effectively brightens skin complexion and improves the appearance of discolouration

Decrease Melanin Production

Reduce excess melanin production allowing skin’s surface layers to regain their natural, even-toned colour by interacting with an enzyme in the skin, plasmin

Strengthen Skin Barrier

TXA accelerates skin barrier recovery

All you need to know

Where is it from:

Tranexamic acid is an amazing synthetic compound derived from the amino acid, lysine

Who is it good for:

It is good all skin types but since it is an acid, those with sensitive skin can do a patch test first. It is good to pair with SPF, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid

What is bad with Tranexamic Acid?

Don’t use it concurrently with other acids. Avoid using it with products with Benzoyl peroxide as it can oxidise vitamin c and also products with Retinol

Products with Tranexamic Acid

Pigment Brightening Concentrate

A powerful skin brightener and  dark spot diminisher.