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Carica Papaya

Fruit Extract

Main Purpose:

Skin exfoliant


Cell Renewal

Promote cell renewal by dissolving dead skin cells with Papain enzyme

Promotes A Healthy, Vibrant Complexion

Improves the tone and texture of skin and promotes healthy, vibrant complexion

Abundant In Vitamin A

Reduce skin sensitivity to sun with the rich amount of Vitamin A present

All you need to know

What does it contain:

Papain enzyme, Vitamin A

Where is it from:

A pale yellow liquid extracted from the Carica papaya

Who is it good for:

Acne prone skin or people looking to treat hyperpigmentation

What is bad with Carica Papaya?

Do not use it with other exfoliants to prevent irritation

Products with Carica Papaya

Advanced Pore Refining Serum

A detoxifying miracle to heal and smooth blemishes.