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(Leontopodium Alpinum Extract)

Main Purpose:

Anti ageing, anti oxidant and soothing



Improve appearance of wrinkles and skin elasticity from its powerful radical scavenging (twice of vitamin C) and natural UV absorbing properties

Build Skin’s Resilience

Support the skin’s crucial protective barrier and preserve its natural balance, allowing the surface to build resilience against dryness

Effective Skin Soother

Promotes a soothing effect, which is ideal for stressed and sensitive skin

All you need to know

Where is it from:

Edelweiss plants from the Swiss Alps

Who is it good for:

This ingredient is suitable for any skin type especially those looking to improve the appearance of ageing and soothing benefits

What is bad with Edelweiss?

It is safe to use with other ingredients as it does not interact with any of them

Products with Edelweiss

Skin Refresh Cleansing Wash

Specially formulated to whisk away everyday impurities without stripping essential moisture.