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Lactic Acid

Main Purpose:

An alpha-hydroxy acid (AHAs), which is water-soluble and good for surface skin exfoliation


Gentle Skin Exfoliator

Stimulates skin exfoliation process by gently lifting off dead skin cells for fresher and smoother skin

Increase Cell Turnover Rate

Promotes speedy healing of trouble spots by speeding up cell turnover rate

Improve Youthful Appearance

Reduce signs of ageing through rejuvenating collagen fibres which work to maintain the structure of your complexion over time

Effective Humectant

Draw moisture to newly exfoliated skin to keep skin moisturised as a powerful humectant, one main factor of how it differentiates from other AHAs

All you need to know

Where is it from:

Lactic acid is an effective AHA found in a variety of foods and sources, including dairy products like milk. However, those opting for vegan-friendly solutions can also find lactic acid derived from organic ingredients such as corn starch that has been fermented or beets with higher sugar content

How does it differentiate from other AHAs:

Lactic acid is a powerful ingredient for skincare, providing gentle and effective exfoliation. It’s larger than other acids like glycolic or salicylic which means it can’t penetrate as deeply – but this also makes it an ideal choice for most skin types especially those with sensitive skin who need to avoid irritation Its milder action on the surface of your complexion helps smooth away dead cells while keeping the pH balance of your skin barrier intact

Who is it good for:

Acne prone skin type, especially those with sensitive skin looking for a gentle exfoliant. Always use a moisturiser after using products with lactic acid

What is bad with Lactic Acid?

Do not use it with other acids or exfoliants, AHAs, BHAs or PHAs, retinol or benzoyl peroxide

Products with Lactic Acid

Blemish Control Treatment

Expertly promotes healing, relieves inflamed skin, lightens scar while preventing future breakouts.