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Amino Moisturising Complex Plus

Main Purpose:

A superb moisturising complex


Keep Skin Youthful

NMF helps fortify skin barrier and keeps the skin supple

Great Moisture Retainer

L-Proline, an amino acid, and Sodium PCA helps improve moisture absorption and retain moisture in the skin

All you need to know

What does it contain:

Consists of NMF, Sodium PCA and 11 types of amino acids

Who is it good for:

All skin type especially suitable for those with sensitive skin Amino acids applied externally are known to interact with skin to create various cosmetic effects, such as moisturising, strengthening structure, colour-protect and repair of surface damage

What is bad with Amino Moisturising Complex Plus?

It is safe to use with other ingredients as it does not interact with any of them

Products with Amino Moisturising Complex Plus

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This refreshing yet hydrating toner replenishes and restores skin moisture for soft and supple skin with a healthy complexion.